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My bug List
AeonDate: Monday, 2009-04-06, 10:24 AM | Message # 1
Group: Users
Messages: 9
Awards: 0
Reputation: 1
Status: Offline
hello guys i started playing here yesterday and a found a few bugs i think you should take a look at

1- no matter how much you click the strider to open its status window it will not open

2-when killing someone with lethal strike the char doesnt actualy die.... it just loses its hp and does the death animation but his hp regenerates, also you can keep hitting him until he actualy dies

3- olympiad is buged... dont ask me how this happen because i dont know it in detail, it happened to my friend.. but after registering olympiad we started moving to stadium as normal but... only i was teleported inside, my friend that had went to toi 13 to see baium was teleported back to the same spot(toi 13)... but started to see the chat messages with 120 secs to start etc etc etc till begin after that i just waited out the time and he lost his points....

4- server has database/client update issues i know java is heavy but theres defenatly something wrong, skills dont refresh until you lvl up, party window doesnt refresh when you change leader, changing subs, or adding subs causes major lag spikes and takes from 10 seconds to 2 minutes to change, olympiad takes about 5 minutes after registering to go in, then after oponents hp is 0 takes about another 5 minutes to determine the winner, also takes alot to show olympiad ranking and if you delvl you dont lose skills( this might be due to hardware limitations since java is quite heavy), internet connection, processing, etc

now for minor errors,

1- npc buffer has a few important buffs missing like agility and vampiric rage, and the html code could also be enhanced to decrease the buffing time(the current layout is confusing have an idea on how to make it better)

2- gmshop has uneeded menus( you could fit alot of menus into other menus(might be able to help, not sure xD)), also theres a spelling error in the "interlud" link it should say "interlude"

3- i've seen a few places with ALOT of trees spawned, i take it you guys placed them there, but it looks just wrong, why not just spawn a wall instead of well.... 20 trees, it would be more pleasent and lower end pcs will have less trouble with loading models and textures

4- there should not be 2 gatekepeers, its not bandwidth smart, and its better on lower end pcs, you should edit the normal gatekeeper html, in order for it to be the custom gatekepeer, also the layout of gatekepeer menus could be optimized for better use, ( too much menus :S, i could make a better gatekeeper :S)

well this is it for now, i hope i was useful smile

ill see you all ingame

Message edited by Aeon - Monday, 2009-04-06, 10:28 AM
l2-heroDate: Monday, 2009-04-06, 12:06 PM | Message # 2
Group: Administrators
Messages: 56
Awards: 3
Reputation: 6
Status: Offline
First of all olympiad is NOT bugged.
Secondly you need smth to do with strider????? and you want to open the window.....Rofl

Actually i must not comment about gmshop trees and gks...but i will do it......THIS IS NOT A BUG.......if gmshop have a text error and write Interlud from Interlude, it is not a bug at all...So that is off topic.

Trees is my decision to put them there....i dont want walls or other npcs ..i put trees......That is NOT a bug also.....So and this off topic..

Gatekeepers are two.....This is again my decision,not yours.And this is Not a bug...........So and this off topic.

As about skills,if you will do a fast rr you will see them normally....I dont think so that is a big deal to spend 3 seconds to rr.......

For the other matter that left(i think about lethal strike) i will look about it.

Thx and next time write to the correct topic.(These things you just announce are not bugs,at least most of them are not)

kardelenDate: Monday, 2009-04-06, 3:08 PM | Message # 3
Group: Users
Messages: 4
Awards: 0
Reputation: 1
Status: Offline
If Lethal strike lands your opponent will have 1hp and 1 cp. U cant do headshot with lethal
And there are 2 types of lethal strike And i dont wanna give info about that =)
AeonDate: Monday, 2009-04-06, 8:01 PM | Message # 4
Group: Users
Messages: 9
Awards: 0
Reputation: 1
Status: Offline
well i guess i was sleepy and wrote too much but... you can consider those things as suggestions although its YOUR decision, whats wrong with improvement :S ?.

strider ? well i want to fight with it and i cant place food on him which is annoying

and then olympiad has a bug i told u there didnt i ? about my friend
rr is not a big deal to me NOW but 2 months back i had a low end pc, and it took me about 5 minutes to restart, also some of my friends do, so its something, dont try to "fix" things with workarrounds, try to make them as good as you can, but then again its YOUR decision...but to have more players you need a good server, and you need to consider all their opinions, i like your server because of a few things if i came here alone i would not stay long because theres alot of wrong or semi/wrong things with your server

i guess i wrote too much again. but this is my personal opinion xD no hard feelings

Message edited by Aeon - Monday, 2009-04-06, 8:11 PM
Forum » Bug Report » Bug Report » My bug List
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