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Sunday, 2020-09-20, 0:27 AM
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Server Rules


Respect the L2Hero Staff as well as its players. The players and staff are human beings with emotions and opinions of their own. These may or may not coincide with your own, but please respect their beliefs/opinions

What this rule encompasses:
Insulting Staff/Server
Racial Slurs
Religious Attacks
Death Threats
Character names/title/clan names/clan logos with vulgar/offensive/gross connotations, toward religions/ethnicity or otherwise
Publishing personal information
Soliciting other servers in game or forum

****Note these rules apply to the forums as well as ingame.

Punishment for breaking this rule:

Insulting Staff/Server:
1st Offence = Verbal Warning with a 3 hour //chatban Character 180min and a GM fossilize
2nd Offence = 5 day ban.
3rd Offence = Account banned.

Racial slurs/Religious Attacks:
1st Offence = Verbal Warning with a 30 min chat ban //chatban Character 30min
2nd Offence = 10 day char ban.
3rd Offence = Account and auth ban.

Death Threats:
Will not tolerated in any way and will result in immediate loss of all characters and account.

Character names/title/clan names/clan logo with vulgar/offensive/gross connotations toward religions/ethnicity or otherwise;
We will change it to any name we see fit.

Publishing personal
1st Offence = Verbal Warning with a 30 min chat ban //chatban Character 30min
2nd Offence = 7 day ban char ban.
3rd Offence = Account and auth ban.

Soliciting other servers in game, irc, or forum
1st Offence = 12 day ban ingame /irc /forum
2nd Offence = Auth ban, IRC ban, forum and game account ban

2. Absolutely no Dual-Boxing or botting of any type whatsoever, under any circumstances. Using what is commonly referred to as a "BuffBot" is illegal and unbalances the game. It is unfair to the players who play legitimately on this server and it ruins the entire basis of community. Lineage 2 is based on players working together in parties or clans, and using a bot destroys the backbone of the game. If you need buffs, find a prophet or a bishop that plays the game. There are more than enough available.

What this rule encompasses:
*- Player x following Player y: both Players are controlled by Player x.
*- Player x and Player z are leveling, Player z logs out to log on to another account (Player y) to buff Player A.
*- Player X is leveling and stops. Player Y logs in buffs player X and logs out.
*- Player Y is leveling and player X is standing off to one side and Player Y goes to get buffs and returns to lvl. Player X is of the same lvl as or higher than Y. Player X never moves except to buff Player A.
*- Using a 3rd party program or script to control your character or characters.
Punishment for breaking this rule: These punishments are more strict because they encompass breaking more than one rule at a time including rule 3 and/or 4.

Botting: (see rule #3)
Punishment for breaking this rule:
1st Offence = Account and auth ban.

3. Programs, scripts, modifications, or any other media that is not sanctioned by either NCSoft or L2mafia.Gr will not be tolerated on this server. This includes any botting programs, speed "hacks," modified .ini files, monster statistic display scripts, etc. Not only are these objects disruptive and unbalancing to the harmony of L2mafia.Gr, they also tie up extra bandwidth from the server itself, thus adding overall "lag" throughout the entire game, and potentially disallowing other players to even enter the game.

What this rule encompasses:
Help file exploits
Botting programs
Macro programs
L2walker exploits
Giving yourself incredible HP/MATK/PATK/etc
Negative HP exploits
Modding your INI files to see what level mobs are, or if they are aggro.
Anything we do not write/distribute is not allowed.
Distributing/soliciting hacking programs, keyloggers, ect. in game, irc, or forum

Punishment for breaking this rule:
1st Offence = Account and auth ban.

4. ALL users are allowed one account and one account ONLY. Any players caught with multiple accounts can have their accounts deleted immediately without warning. There is a zero tolerance policy on this. If your friends or relatives would like to play here, the new person must create their OWN game account for their own purposes. It is OK to play on LAN, only if each person is accessing their own account and no other.

Punishment for breaking this rule:
1st Offence: Accounts banned.
5. Don't be a Lineage Litterrer, and please pick up your drops. The server has a hard time keeping track of all the items laying on the floor of the lineage world when the litter count gets into the thousands. Failure to comply will get you "Trashed" by the staff.

What this rule encompasses:

Not picking up drops adena/resources (coal/iron/thread/ARROWS/etc) Within a reasonable amount of time.
Discarding unwanted items. ( yes, it?s a pain to sell all these items in shops but we want our servers lag free don?t we?)

Dropping Items in town.

Exclusions:You die and drop items
Punishment for breaking this rule:
1st Offence = Character is verbally warned and asked nicely to pick up items.
2nd Offence = Character has all adena in personal storage (not WH) removed. (if you have enough adena to not need to pick up the drops then you don't need what you have)
3rd Offence = 30 day ban on Character and all gear wiped from character and WH.
4th Offence = Auth ban and deletion of account.

6. Spawn Killing, or other forms of D.O.P (Denial of Play) listed below will not be tolerated whatsoever under any circumstances. Although this server was designed to grant players an intense player vs. player experience, such things are considered forms of harassment. This server was created with ALL players in mind, not exclusively for "Serial PKers."

What this rule encompasses:

Using summons/pets to kill or attack people outside of a safe zone, while you are inside unable to be touched. (across a town zone line or arena line)
Waiting at a teleport spot for players to port in so you can kill them. Or training a bunch of monsters to the teleport spot to kill people as they port in.
Killing people trying to access the gatekeeper in combat zones. If they want to leave the zone, let them.

If somebody kills you over and over, make friends, join a clan, have a war.

Punishment for breaking this rule:
1st Offence = Verbal warning, GM Fossilize (lasts 3 hours)
2nd Offence = 7 day character ban.
3rd Offence = Account banned.

7. Do not attack the NPCs within the towns while playing L2Hero. Every time one dies, the server much exert extra effort to "respawn" that NPC. While one or two respawning makes little difference to the server, repeated re-spawns promotes instability, and eventually the server WILL crash.

What this rule encompasses:
Attacking stationary npcs, Gatekeepers, WH npcs, shop keepers, etc...


Punishment for breaking this rule:
1st Offence = Verbal warning, GM fossilize (lasts 3 hours)
2nd Offence = 7 day ban on that character.
3rd Offence = 30 day ban on that character.
4th Offence = *sigh, you should have gotten the picture by now, auth ban, account deletion.

8. Perching: Attacking raid bosses or monsters in spots that they cannot effectively attack back. This is referred to as "perching."

What this rule encompasses:

Attacking in spots where you cannot be attacked back. Through walls, on ledges, or through bugs in the worlds mapped geodata.
Taking advantage of the fact that you cannot be attacked back is called "exploiting" in the fact that you are exploiting an area which keeps you safe from harm.
If you cannot be physically attacked because of the spot you are standing in, then you are exploiting. Just because an AOE "can" hit you now
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